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Evaluation of fibres by phase contrast microscopy

Air monitoring

Bridgend Asbestos Services offer a full range of UKAS-accredited air monitoring services.


  • Background monitoring to establish the prevailing fibre concentration, often before an activity which may lead to airborne asbestos contamination.  Background sampling gives a useful baseline which other samples can be compared with (eg. leak and reassurance samples).

  • Reassurance monitoring to confirm that the residual fibre concentrations are below the limit of quantification or the background after a remedial action.

  • Leak monitoring to ensure that the integrity of the asbestos enclosure remains intact and that airborne respirable fibres are not escaping.  

  • Personal monitoring to determine exposure levels of operatives and other potentially exposed personnel.

Asbestos in air background monitoring for our approved analytical asbestos in bulk materials laboratory in Splott,  Cardiff
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