Asbestos management plans

If you have already had an asbestos survey carried out, and have an asbestos register in place, what should you do with all the information?


Regulation 4 of The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 places a 'duty to manage’ asbestos on the dutyholder, ie. persons in control of non-domestic premises.  The dutyholder is required to keep asbestos  information up to date as part of an ongoing Asbestos Management Plan.

Bridgend Asbestos Services can work with you to develop a suitable and sufficient Asbestos Management Plan specific to your needs.  The plan will allocate responsibilities for asbestos management, prioritise asbestos management actions, specify a suitable re-inspection programme and other relevant control measures.  


For further information, pleas contact Bridgend Asbestos Services.

Asbestos pipe lagging from an asbestos management survey in Merthyr Tydfil